spiritual life

At Mannahouse Christian Academy, we are not only interested in educating the mind, but we also want to build the spirit. This is done by daily interaction between students and teachers. Chapels begin with student-led praise and worship. Teachers, pastors, guest speakers, or students bring the message. Students are encouraged to memorize verses of the Bible each month, which are thematically connected to their devotional classes.

In all grades we incorporate small group discussions focusing on personal and spiritual growth in the students’ lives.  In high school we offer classes on Bible and Christian apologetics.

We strongly encourage student participation in the annual One Conference held locally, one of the largest youth conferences held in the United States. Students are given the opportunity to perform in services and participate in outreaches to our city or other countries.

Mannahouse Christian Academy staff and administration encourages a positive peer influence among students, striving to foster a fun and interactive environment where healthy friendships come naturally. A godly compassion is encouraged, bringing about a positive atmosphere of love, care and concern toward one another.


To learn more about Mannahouse Christian Academy or schedule a tour please email: eugene@mannahouseacademy.com