Tuition & Financial Aid

MCA Eugene Tuition & Fees

1st Child

1st Child

grades 9 - 12

2nd child

2nd child

grades 9 - 12

3rd & Each Additional Child

3rd & Each Additional Child

grades 9 - 12

Additional Fees per Student

Additional Fees per Student

Curriculum Fee
Technology Fee
Athletic Fee per sport (Optional)
12th Gr. Graduation Fee
AP Testing Fee
PE Uniform Fee
Activity Fee

Payment Of Tuition

Payment schedule will be set up based on the number of months you choose to pay your student’s tuition. Those who pay in full by August 20th will receive a 5% discount off the total tuition. Fees and other charges are not included in this discount. Only one discount is authorized, the highest discount taking precedence.

Financial Aid Guidelines

If you have a desire to place your child(ren) in MCA and need of financial aid, please contact our enrollment department at email It is the school’s desire to make sure that a family who does not have the financial means but has a strong desire to attend our school receive help as much as possible to achieve their academic goals. However, as a small and privately funded school, financial support is always in demand and limited. To this end, the MCA financial aid board makes every attempt to raise funds for this purpose. Therefore, financial aid applications are reviewed very carefully and performed with a highly confidential analysis of all applicants, before final decisions are made.

Additional Charges Per Student

Contract Fees & Charges

Application Fee Per Child, Non-Refundable: 

  • New Student $85.00 

  • Returning Student $65 (Early Enrollment) $85 (After Early Enrollment Ends)

FACTS Tuition Management Fee: A non-refundable “FACTS Enrollment Fee” will be withdrawn within 14 days after contract finalization. This fee will be based on the selected payment plan. Payment plans are separated into Annual, Semi-Annual, or Monthly. The fee for Annual and Semi-Annual payment plans are $25; for all other payment plans the fee is $55.

Late Fee (also known as “CFI”): 

  • New Students $50 after May 31st

  • Returning re-enrollments $50 after March 1st

*Additional charges may apply for expenses incurred through participation in events or field trips.

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